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Validations across micro-services

On my day-job as a consultant for GROUP9  we had an interesting discussion on how to handle validations across micro-services. Let's look at this in the context of a fictionalized example. Example: amazon selling for other companies The case we were discussing was the typical case of referential integrity between two objects. Imagine this: we're Amazon, and being a large e-commerce platform, we want to enable other sellers to use our platform to sell their products, while we handle all the logistics (and of course get a percentage on every sale 😁). To achieve this, we come to an agreement with a seller after some negotiations, e.g. agreeing on the commission percentage we receive on every sale. During these negations, we can add some of the products of that seller to our platform, show them the pricing, additional information etc, so the seller can have an idea what his products would look like when promoted on our platform. Being Amazon, we of course have a micro-services lan