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From Multi-Threaded applications to Multi-Time applications

At the DDD Europe conference.. Recently, I visited the DDD Europe  conference, where Vaughn Vernon held a talk on using Akka an the Actor model to implement applications, based on the principles of Domain Driven Design. This talk, combined with some recent issues I've been facing at my customers site, inspired me to think about the design issues you face when developing multi-time applications. But let's start with what Vernon was talking about at his talk. Vernons talk His main premise: the Actor model is a more simplified model for application development, while at the same time providing a thread-safe environment to fully make use of the ever increasing number of cores processors have. While CPUs don't get any faster, in terms of pure clock speed, they do get more cores, and the we need to adapt our software to make use of these multiple cores. Traditional programming models don't scale nicely because of IO waits causing the software to block and the CPU being