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In-Reply-To: Danny's Object Oriented Programming Access Modifiers

Abstract Danny van Heumen , my co-worker at GROUP9 , has written a series of blog on his thoughts about Object Oriented Programming. In this blog I share my views on his ramblings ;-). The TL;DR version: I argue that his notion on access-modifiers and seemingly strange design choices are not caused by the design choices themselves but by not viewing OO design at the package level and the often seen way of defining packages in Enterprise applications where packages don't expose a clear, minimal API towards other packages. On access-modifiers At GROUP9, we've been discussing a  bit about object oriented programming and designs and how to do it "right". In his post on access modifiers  as part of a larger series of posts on OO, Danny argues a lacking access modifier and argues that the protected access modifier (the context is Java here) allows to wide access. I'm missing the actual explanation of which access modifier he's missing, however I'm presu