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Oracle GlassFish 3.1 Testing - The OSGi telnet interface

Introduction For my current job, I'm designing the architecture for a new system. Given the set of requirements - which of course I cannot go into due to secrecy reasons - an OSGi capable environment may be one of the solutions we're looking into. Also, being able to use a standard JavaEE programming model is also requested. Given these requirements, we narrowed our choice of JavaEE servers down to: GlassFish , more specifically the new 3.1 release SpringSource dm Server In the next couple of postings, I'd like to keep you informed on the progressions and testing results we see for GlassFish, as this is currently being investigated. Most posts will be short and focused, covering just a single issue we encountered. GlassFish 3.1 - a first test In this post we'll discuss some issues with getting the OSGi capabilities up and running. The long story is below, or you can just skip to the solution at the end. One of the main reasons we like GlassFish, especial