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Code review vs. Pair programming

 Introduction The other day, I had a discussion with a colleague of mine, about his new role as lead developer in a team. We were talking about the fact that when you are the lead developer of a team, you often bring a certain set of opinions with you on how to do software development within the team you lead. As this was his first assignment as lead developer, we had a discussion on what these opinions were; what will he bring to the team and how will he shape the way they develop their systems? Soon, we came to the subject on the act of reviewing code, and more specifically, using something like BitBucket code reviewing options to execute a formal review, offline, to approve a pull request from another team member. My colleague indicated he really disliked these formal code reviews, and likes pair programming way better. This sounds quite like an opinion on how to do software development in your team 😅. However, this got me thinking, as we see in quite a few places at our customers&